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Falassarna, in the top ten beaches of Europe

Falassarna (or Falasarna) one of the top best beaches in Europe and Crete, area of Chania
Falassarna (also spelled Falasarna from greek translation) is one of the best beaches in Chania. It was in the past awarded as one of the top ten beautiful and exotic beaches in Europe. Located on the west part of the island, this beach share some of the Elafonissi carracteristics, as the very chromatic "polarized" blue water.  The baech attracts...

Loutro, heaven of peace on the south coast

Loutro. Quiet fisherman village on south coast of Crete
 The small village of Loutro is a haven of peace which we can reach only by boat or mule track. No roads. A small beach of pebbles and semi circle sans, attached to the mountain, where cheer up some limed houses (about forty) forming a merry labyrinth interrupted with small hotels and with souvenir shops. The only street of...

Anogia, traditional village and cretan music place

Anogia traditional village, in Rethymnon area
Anogia, (region of Rethymnon) according to the legend,  would have arisen from a miracle. A shepherd living to Axos, east of Anogia, would have accidentally discovered by chance an icon of holy john Baptist  on the foothills of of the mountain Psiloritis (who extends of Heraklion to Rethymnon). With many precaution, the shepherd digs up the icon and...

Psiloritis mountain the highest mountain of Crete

Mont Psiloritis . Photo Paspa Raki, Wikimedia
Head photo by Paspa Raki, wikimediaPsiloritis (high mountain in Greek) mountain is the highest point of Crete with 2.456m on Timios Stavrou point.  Psiloritis count other 2.000m and more  summits with  Agathias (2.424m), Stolistra (2.325m), Voulomenou (2.267m) and Kousakas (2209m).It's a particular mountain, with many legends and mythology stories involved as lays on its flank one of the cretan...

Agia Galini. A family holiday experience facing the libyan sea

Agia Galini. View from Daedalus statue
One of the most popular resort village in south of Crete, with Matala, not far away. In greek, Agia Galini means “holly Serenity” . One of the stories of the village says that when a Byzantine princess traveled to the Jerusalem, her ship fell into a big storm. She prayed  Mary to provide her help, and vowed to build...

Balos, the amazing beach and lagoon of Crete

Balos, the amazing cretan beach and lagoon of west Crete, in Chania area
Balos lagoon is formed between the Cape Gramvousa and the small Cape Tigani (that means frying pan in greek)  and below the range of Platiskinos. This is for sure a must to visit  in Chania, west area of Crete. This amazing  deep turquoise shallow waters are mostly the most photograpied in Crete. So don’t miss this. This exotic beach ...

Gavdos, the last inhabited island of South Europe

Gavdos Island, in south Crete, Lybian sea. The last inhabited island of Europe before Africa
Gavdos is the southern inhabited island of Europe. This small paradise island, quiet and so traditional. It's about 33 square kilometers for a population of 153 inhabitants (50 only living there permanently). This island is part of roman and christian history as related to Saint Paul's journey to Rome.This wild island and its various "Phrygana" shrubs are the last...

Matala, beach and village. On the hippie road

Matala beach became famous when the young hippie generation decide to settle on this fishermen village and its  old artifiial caves. But Matala is an important archeoligical site where artificial caves were digged during the neolithic ages. Matala was also the minoan port of Phaistos during  minoan period. Later, the romans choose Matala to became  Gortys harbor. Some also...

Elafonissi the fantastic pink sandy beach

Elafonissi pink sandy beach, west of Crete close to Chania
Elafonissi is the south western point of Crete, at about 70 kms from the city of Chania. This is a very windy part of Crete with very wild beaches. Elafonissi and its pinky sandy beach, is part of them, even if it’s now well organised for tourism: umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, toilets, life guards,…That's make Elafonissi more and more...

Kanakakis gallery, museum of contemporary arts of Crete

Kanakakis gallery contemporary art museum of Crete
The Kanakakis  gallery, also known as the museum of contemporary art of Crete is dedicated to rethymniot painter Lefteris Kanakakis (he died in 1985). The gallery was founded in 1992, in a venitian house of the old town of Rethymnon, close to "Fortezza" fortress and archeological museum. The Kanakakis gallery goes Contemporary museum In 1995 Rethymnon was included in the...

Archeological Museum of Chania town

Archeological Museum of Chania, Crete
Archeological Museum of Chania  is housed in the katholikon of the Venetian monastery of St. Francis, one of the most important venitian buildings in the area (some documents related to the great earthquake of 1595 mention it as the biggest venetian building in the city of Chania).  During the period of the Turkish occupation it was the Muslim mosque...

Historical archive museum of Chania

Historical museum of Chania, Crete
Archives and documentation centre, there are many pictures and texts about Cretan history but only available in Greek.Sfakianaki 20, Chania 731 352810 52606


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