What was my surpise, falling in love with this so intense music, to discover that it was a greek alternative rock band. So i fall twice in love with this music. So deep, so intense,  and lyric emphasised by this rough background voice. A UFO in so conventional music…
Transistor is an alternative pop/rock band from Athens (Greece), formed back in March 2004. Their first ever song “Living” was released on 2004, into “Blessed and Cursed” compilation album, in a “Last chance” remix by Dimitris Papaspyropoulos.

Transistor is not only a studio band. All these years they have performed in almost every big venue of Greece and they have appeared in the major greek rock festivals (Rockwave 2010 & Ejekt 2008) supporting many popular artists of the global music scene, such as Black Eyed Peas, Faithless, James, Stereo MC’S and Unkle.

Transistor – Line Up:
Maria X Kourmouli (lead vocals, backing vocals)
Niki Karageorgou (keyboards, backing vocals)
Stelios Savranakis (guitars)
Dimitris Kalantzis (drums)
Duru (bass)


Transistor Living, the official video on youtube

Album: Things you miss when you blink Lyrics

I would like to fall,
fall upon the hill
Looking at the sky
Oh, god how I’d love to fly..
This is the living,
the living of the dead
I hate to say it’s a bluntly but that’s exactly what it is,
for scavenging those we kill for our own benefit.
The idea that we will be able to provide this kind of therapy
or individuals in the US is offensible
is for the sake of all
This will be available to the wealthy and
people who are willing basically to sell their homes to get to extend their lives.
I have concluded for my own life
given the choice between
amputation and saving my life by the death of somebody else
you can just call me gimpy .
I would like to fall,
fall upon the hill
Looking at the sky
Oh, god how I’d love to fly..