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History of Crete

History of Crete: periods

From prepalatial minoan perido, 5000 years ago, to modern history of Crete. Discover about the rich history of this island. Craddle of Europe with minoan civilization, then often invaded: romans,  saracens, venetians, ottomans,…

Located equidistant from Europe, Asia Minor and Africa, it occupies a geographical position that gives it a rich history while its strategic position has earned it the ground of numerous conflicts between peoples with a view to controlling the Mediterranean.

An integral part of Greece today, Crete has only been reunited with Greece since 1913. Inhabited at least since the Neolithic, Crete is the cradle of the Minoan civilization that dominates the Mediterranean

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Zeus, gods of gods, in greek mythology, has a special link with Crete Grown up on the island, protected by Curetes and feeded by sacred goat
Dorian period of Crete. Dorian invasions in 1104 B.C. and rise of cretan cities. Dorian public organisation, education, religion
About 5.7 million years old footprints discovered in Crete. They can suggest hominin evolved in Europe earlier than in Africa
In the Mycenaean era, Crete is only a mere dependence of the continent. Mergers had to occur between Cretan and Acheans, but in spite of this contribution of new elements, the island gives nothing more original in artistic subjec

The neopalatial period 1750 B.C.E. and 1490 B.C.E. The neopalatial period is not uniform: so the new palaces know a…

The first palaces of protopalatial minoan period are Knossos, Phaistos and Malia are situated in the most fertile plains of the island, allowing their owners the accumulation of wealth, in particular agricultural,