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Neolithic in Crete

Neolithic cretan statues
In Neolithic age, it seems that the colonization of Crete was made since the Anatolia and Asia Minor, even the Peloponnese. A theory which leans on the sea level at that ice age period.(inferior of hundred meters at its current level and thus easily accessible). This primitive civilization was nevertheless at the stage of the culture of lands and...

Chania history during the different periods of Crete

Chania history San Salvatore bastion
Chania history starts as Kydonia. The city was known, from the ancient greek, as Kydonia (this means quince in Greek but the name can come  also from old tribe mentionned by Homer: the Kydones). Kydonia name can also come from mythology and king Cydon. By some legend, Kydonia was found by king Cydon  (son of Hermes, the god's messenger,...

Crete between war world 1 and war world 2.

General Metaxa government during world war 2
Crete between war world 1 and war world 2 Agrarian reforms and country economic reflation. After the exodus of Asia Minor, the government sets up a big politics of agrarian reform and distributes number of lands to the farmers. The economy of the country boosts.  Greece becomes a republic but is the object of a fight between royalists and...

Crete during the world war 2: invasion, resistance and liberation

Crete in world war 2. German paratroopers invade Crete in 1941
Greece and Crete during the  World War 2: operations Marita and Merkur During the world war 2, the strategic interest of Crete is worth the help of the allies, as England, which guarantees from 1938 the territorial integrity of the island. The strategic interest for England is obvious: Crete establishes a base in the Mediterranean Sea and a first rampart...


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