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Anogia, traditional village and cretan music place

Anogia, (region of Rethymnon) according to the legend,  would have arisen from a miracle. A shepherd living to Axos, east of Anogia, would have accidentally discovered by chance an icon of holy john Baptist  on the foothills of of the mountain Psiloritis (who extends of Heraklion to Rethymnon). With many precaution, the shepherd digs up the icon and returns it at home. But, the following morning, he notices with bewilderment that the icon disappeared! The first thing which occurs him(her) is to return to the place where he discovered Saint John’s icon. He discovers with bewilderment that the paint(painting) is there. We see very fast a divine command there to build one church dedicated to Saint John Baptist in this place. Some people see in this miracle and the built églice the origin of the village which will develop there in time. According to them, Anogia would come from “Ano Giannis” who can be translated by ” John at the top “

Anogia and cretan music

This village owes its reputation to the incredible lineage of musicians whose every Cretan still sings melodies: Psarantonis (brother of Nikos Xylouris), Skoulas and Nikos Xylouris (nicknamed the archangel of Crete), doubtless the most known. Died at the age of 44, it became the icon of Cretan music. His native house was transformed into museum.
Anogia is doubtless the village of Crete the most hung on on his traditions and on the Cretan values. Thus it is not a coincidence if the shepherds who make up essentially this village were the Cretan first ones to be introduced to Filiki Eteria (or Hetairie, secret society based by Constantin Righas in view of the uprising and the complete emancipation of Greece). Anogia was also the Mecca of the resistance to the Turks then to German during the Second World War (numerous villagers were shot in reprisal after the removal of general German Kreipe because some of the Resistance fighters having participated in this high feat of arm had come take refuge with the village).
Excellent starting point for the hikes leading to the mount Psiloritis, the village of Anogia, essentially turned to the ovine breeding, is an ideal place to plunge a few days into the quiet and fascinating atmosphere of a Cretan village in the very present traditions (the former speak another dialect which mixes demotic, the modern Greek language, and former Greek).
Important festival of music and of art, at the end of July, named festival yakintha. For more information, visit the Web site of Yakinthia
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