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cretan food and wines: tradition and modernity

Cretan food and wines:
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wine industry uprise while chefs twist food traditions into modernity

Cretan food and wines are maybee underestimated in gastronomy world. Cretan gastronomy is based on rich agriculture. Extra virgin olive oil of premium quality is of course a base for this mediterranean style cuisine. But the island can  count on abundance of vegetables and fruits, one of the best honey that enhance cretan food. Meat was not very usual in the old times, when the islanders were poors. Meat, especially chicken , pork and lamb, where kept for celebration days. Nowodays, even if cretan diet  is still very alive in Crete,  Cretans trend to eat meat quiet more often.  The island is facing the last few years a move towards more gourmet food, mixing traditions and modernity. the cooking of simple, quality products is one of the bases of the Cretan cuisine. In addition to this pillar of traditions, there is now a desire to give a new dimension to the island’s flagship products, leading them towards culinary modernity.

Let’s discover the innovative chefs, the authentic products of the Cretan cuisine, through recipes, sometimes classic, often creative, always tasty…

Cretan wines revival

Cretan food and wines are of course linked and food  move towards gourmet helped the cretan winemakers to showcase their wines, bringing them out of the shadows. Even among wine connoisseurs, few know that Crete was the cradle of wine in Europe, and probably in the world. Modern wine making probably has its origins in the Minoan wine presses of Vathipetro, more than 3500 years old. Wine growing Crete boasts 11 local grape varieties, some of which are among the most promising. The young generation of winegrowers has taken up the torch from their forefathers to bring Cretan wine to the world market.  Favorable terroir, mild climate favorable to vines, great diversity of local grape varieties, a young generation of competent and passionate winegrowers. Crete has the potential to become the “next big thing” in wine world. The exports and the many prestigious international awards are proof of this.

In this blog, let’s discover the winemakers, the grape varieties, the wines, the terroir…

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