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Gavdos, the last inhabited island of South Europe

Gavdos is the southern inhabited island of Europe. This small paradise island, quiet and so traditional. It’s about 33 square kilometers for a population of 153 inhabitants (50 only living there permanently). This island is part of roman and christian history as related to Saint Paul’s journey to Rome.

This wild island and its various “Phrygana” shrubs are the last stop for migrating birds on their journey to Africa, but also the place for Eurasian scops owl and the European shag.

Historicaly, the island was occupied since neolithic period and was important during roman period, where local flowers were cultivazted and exploited in the roman empire. It reached 8000 inhabitants during the 10th century A.D and slowly lost interest during the turkish occupation to fall up to about 500 inhabitants at the end of turkish occupation.

Some specialists says that this island could be linked to the legendary Ogygia island greek mythology where Odyseus was kept as prisonner by Kalypso.

This small island is also part of dark moments of greek history, when, in 1930, 250 communists where exiled on this island with their political leader, Markos Vafiadis.

The island lives from agriculture and tourism. Every summer, thousands of tourists share basic but increasing touristic facilities (rent rooms, one cafe running all year long, few tavernes and restaurants). The island is also running it’s own radio: Gavdos FM, on 88.8 frequency.

No doubt, this is a quiet place for anybody who want to experiment another kind of cretan hollidays…

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