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Mosque of the janissaries

the Turkish mosque Yiali Tzami (or Giali Tzami, or  mosque of Janissaires). It is very easy to spot. Situated by the sea, its dome is made up of four arcs, decorated with six small dome and dominates the architecture of the place although the mosque arranges no more its minaret, destroyed during world war 2. The name of the mosque comes from its geographical position: in Turk, “Yali Tzamissi” means the mosque by the sea. It was built in 1649, on the location of a former church, for the first governor of Chania, Küçük Hassan Pasha. The building, which was a place of cult until 1923, then sheltered the tourist information office of the city and gave way, since a few years, to a gallery of permanent exhibitions of art.

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