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Agia Galini. A family holiday experience facing the libyan sea

One of the most popular resort village in south of Crete, with Matala, not far away. In greek, Agia Galini means “holly Serenity” . One of the stories of the village says that when a Byzantine princess traveled to the Jerusalem, her ship fell into a big storm. She prayed  Mary to provide her help, and vowed to build a temple as reward. The boat reached the anchor in the sheltered bay of the village, protected from waves. Then,  this faithful princess decided to  built a temple named  “Panagia Galini”,that means  “Virgin Mary Serenity”, which become later Agia Galini. This church is nowadays  the old church in the cemetery.

Before the 70’s and tourism, this village was a small fisherman village with small harbor. With its peeble beach, a nice icone that attract many tourists every year. It was also one of the favorite places for hippies, with not so far away  village of Matala.

Today, Agia Galini is the perfect place for quiet and authentic holidays to enjoy south Crete charms. Agia Galini offers modern commodities: hotels, car rentals, shops, restaurants, bank, post office, medical services, bus stop (from Heraklion line coming from Timbaki) and more. Even if tourism is develloping well there, it retains its authentic charm of old fisherman village and you will feel like home very quickly. Friendly atmosphere of south Crete is something you will quick enjoy. As well as you will enjoy quiet not far away from cultural places like Phaistos and Gortyne sites.

At the end of the village, up from the harbor, don’t miss the rocky place with big statue from Daedalus and Icarus, as in greek mythology, this place was the one from where they opened their wings and started their journey to escape from King Minos.

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