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Falassarna, in the top ten beaches of Europe

Falassarna (also spelled Falasarna from greek translation) is one of the best beaches in Chania. It was in the past awarded as one of the top ten beautiful and exotic beaches in Europe. Located on the west part of the island, this beach share some of the Elafonissi carracteristics, as the very chromatic “polarized” blue water.  The baech attracts many tourists during the high season. At least we have to say the beaches of Falassarna, as it’s divided in 5 beaches. One small peeble rocky beach is located at the northest part of Falassarna, close to Cape Kutri. Then two small sandy beaches facing the “Petalida” islet. Following these two small beaches (anyway you can find there umbrellas and sun beds, showers and all the common beach infrastructure)  is the biggest and most famous part of Falassarna beach: Pachia Ammos. Its lenght is enough not to feel overcrowded during the high season and to enjoy a fantastic swim in its turquoise blue water. But there is a drawback: the beach is exposed to north and western winds that often provoke large waves.  What can be annoying for swim turn out to be very attractive for windsurfers, who know that particular cretan spot.

Falassarna and its romantic sunset

This beach ends the sandy half-moon seaside. It’s separate by a small rocky shallow water, followed by the last sandy beach, close to the small Limeniskos village.  The area is also known for its romantic sunset as there is nearly nothing disturbing sea view. This part of the beach is also nicer for quiet rest or when wind is blowing waves on the main beaches.

Falassarna was also an important harbor in the area for the ancient greeks.  Nowadays, besides tourism, Falassarna is important in the area as it is one of the Natura 2000 protected parts of Crete, with Balos and Elafonissi.

Last but not least, let’s underline a dynamic initiative of the youths of the municipalities. Every year, for more then ten years now, they organise every first saturday if August a beach party. Not yet as known yet as the Matala beach festival but growing in interest every year. Check the official website of the beach party.

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