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Palaiochora, a holiday destination in Crete since the seventies

Palaiochora (also spelled Paleochora) is a quiet family holiday destination since the seventies.  The location,  on a natural land spine of about 500m large throwing itself on the libyan sea, give a special feeling as surrounded on the west side by a large sandy beach, and on the east part  by a border sea road. On its centre, on a rocky high, lay the old venetian castle. On the extreme south is the natural harbor from where ferries reach Sougia and Gavdos.  Like three different faces of this friendly familial touristic place that all lead to a kind of “nonchalance”.  Weather is known to be very good in the area, with an annual average climate of 20°, with highest temperatures  to 36°.  That’s maybe why the hippies choose this place, with Matala, to settle. This quiet feeling explains also why many Cretans, but also Greeks from the mainland like to spend summer holiday there. Not only for the swim in warm libyan sea, the cosy boardwalk and seashore with shops, cafes and restaurants, but also for the special atmosphere when you walk through the small  streets covered with  bougainvillea. Its main beach (on the west side) is quite large and spacious so you won’t feel overcrowded. This sandy beach is comfortable with its wooden pathways (sand can be very hot there in summer!), umbrellas and sun bed. Infrastructures of Palaiochora  are quiet good for a longer stay: supermarket; bank, bakery, cash machines,  rent a car, taxi,… All that you expect form  a 2.000 people village, with buses and ferry lines to Sougia and Gavdos.

History of Palaiochora:

Palaiochora was built on the ancient dorian town of Kalamydi. It became defensive place during the venetian perido, when, in 1278, venetian general general Marino Gradenigo decided to build a fort , the “Selino Kasteli”. The area became important as venitian workers, craftmen and merchants settled there. In 1539,  the fort was destroyed by famous pirate Hayreddin Pasha Barbarossa.

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