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Maroulas Traditionnal village of Rethymnon

This quiet and nice village of Maroulas is located 7kms east of Rethymnon, facing the sea at an altitude of 240m. Surrounding olives trees, this village was built during the venetian times,  around an old olive press and two fortified venetian towers. This 800 years old village was a typical fortified village architecture and its position offered a bird’s eye view  of the surroundings of Rethymno town. During the turkish period, it was added some fountains, hammam, and other turkish buildings.

If the village was important during the venetian period, due to its view and olive mill, archeologists discovered some tombstones dating back to antiquity.  Further in time, traces of 2 cemeteries of the palatial period of Minoan period have been revealed.

As many cretan villages, it suffered young migration in the eighties but the village now get a second breath with painters, artists, foreigners and some greeks who decided to rebuild old houses in the village.

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