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South Sahara wind experience: breathtaking Cretan Bladerunner landscapes

Orange red haze is falling on Crete. Wind is blowing like never. Such an end of the world experience. And a strange feeling. I saw this before… And it comes back to my mind  the shape  of  Ryan Gosling wandering around a devastated Las Vegas in an end of the world desert landscape. That’s it, Bladerunner!

Our wonderfull island turn out in a burdensome atmosphere experience. Empty streets covered with orange halo and dust clouds, no visibility at all. So far away from blue sky. Thats’ the south Sahara wind.  Of course, we are used to as it happen two to three times a year but this time, that was so intense.

22th of march will remain one of the strongest meteo event. According to meteorologists,  this mass of dusty dry air, known as Saharan air layer, form from african desert, is usually located 6.000 m above the earht’s surface and move with strong winds. This can last for one week and particles of various metals can cause many breathing troubles to local population. Some public schools were closed and predicted about 700 Mg dust /m3 (For a 1984 HSE publish Guidance Note EH40, Occupational Exposure recommended Limit of 10 mg/m3 of total dust or 5 mg/m3 of respirable dust.  )

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